Verdammter Schwerpunkt. Warum soll ich überhaupt wählen wenn ich einen bekomme, den ich nicht wirklich will??? Super. Das wird ja so viel Spaß machen das nächste Jahr.

Hazel Grace & Augustus // We Might Fall

I probably shouldn’t have watched that video. I can’t stop crying.

Option A: writing that paper
Option B: making pumpkin soup

which should I choose….? 


OMFG!! It really happened. I can’t believe it. #QueenMariksa


OMFG!! It really happened. I can’t believe it. #QueenMariksa

I feel stupid. I’m trying to sleep for two hours but can’t because the air in my room sucks and I usually sleep with my window open. But before I went to bed there was a spider in my room and I had to get my roomie and I mean its a spider and I’m like 300 times its size and I’m afraid its going to crawl into my ear or something. I thought this phobia was getting better..

i should probably burn down the house or move because there is this spider on my window frame making it impossible for me to ever open the window again…

My plans for today
  • Washing my bed sheets
  • Taking the garbage out
  • Working on criminal law for at least three hours
  • maybe running

Colleague: *bites into a sausage*
Mom: You're eating meat? I thought you were vegetarian.
Colleague: I am.
Mom: Huh?
Colleague: Sometimes I just want meat.
Mom: So you're not a vegetarian.
Colleague: ...

I’m currently listening to Josh Ritter, drink coffee and write while I’m waiting for my laundry? Productive day, yay!

hoping my door magically opens and someone (preferaby a cute guy - not a must)  comes in with hot oat milk coffee and toast. Thank you very much.

I COMPLETELY forgot about that little things thing… damn I’m sorry…

I’ll force my roomie o listen to Taylor Swift tomorrow because it’s her birthday and she’s turning 22 :D 

I currently have 10 books in my room I either want to read or want to finish and I have no idea where to start.

Come and follow me if you like.

you don’t have to try